How to Celebrate Father’s Day 2018 in the Rio Grande Valley

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Things to Do for Father’s Day 2018 near Harlingen, TX

When brainstorming ways to celebrate Father’s Day 2018, our team at Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen has been reminiscing about some of our favorite memories with our dads. While there are countless memories to choose from, we did find a few common themes between them. For example, all dads love a good treat. For some, it’s coffee, a trip to the golf course, or a day out at a ball game. For others, it’s a trip to a bar or an ice cream sundae. All of these are great things to do for Father’s Day 2018 near Harlingen, TX, and we have some suggestions of where to do the latter two. Keep on reading to learn more!

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Grab a Drink with Dad!

Chances are that you and your old man have some catching up to do. Why not break the ice with a drink or two? If you keep up with our blog, then you probably know that we’ve written about many community events and interests in recent years. What you may not know, is that we’ve also written about the best sports bars near Harlingen, TX. Take Dad to one of our favorite spots and let the good times roll!


Everyone Loves Ice Cream

Even the best father-and-son or father-and-daughter relationships have hit their fair shares of rocky roads. Sometimes trying to move a conversation along can feel like you’re pushing a turtle uphill. Once in a blue moon, however, the stars align, things click, and suddenly you’re laughing together like you’ve haven’t in years. Don’t be cold to each other this Father’ Day; instead, take Dad out for a scoop of his favorite ice cream.

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We hope this has helped you get a better idea of some things to do for Father’s Day 2018 near Harlingen, TX. Need a new Nissan before you go home to Dad? Check out our new car inventory! When you find the perfect model for your set of needs, schedule a test drive! We hope to hear from you soon.

Have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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