How can you get better fuel economy with your car?

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How to get better fuel economy for vehicles has always been a topic of interest for drivers and car manufacturers. Better fuel economy means fewer trips to the gas pump and saving you money in your pocket. Luckily for you, there are things that you can do yourself to help improve your fuel economy! Check out the list below for some helpful tips!

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Tips for Having a Better Fuel Efficiency

  • Properly inflate your tires – When your tires are underinflated, there is more of the surface area that is touching the ground which makes the vehicle work harder. Check your tires monthly and make sure that the PSI is where it should be.
  • Be mindful of how you drive – By accelerating quickly and waiting until the last minute to hit the brake you are using more fuel. Try to be conscious about gradually accelerating from a stop and it will burn less gas.
  • Reduce drag – Extra storage add-ons to your vehicle create drag. When not using the storage racks or compartments on the exterior of your vehicle, be sure to remove them to improve the fuel economy.
  • Reduce weight – The more weight in the vehicle, the harder the vehicle must work. Get rid of the access gear that you have in the back end of your vehicle. When the vehicle is not weighted down it will improve its fuel efficiency.
  • Use cruise control – When you will be traveling a longer distance at the same speed, try to take advantage of the vehicle’s cruise control. Cruise control will keep you at a constant speed and overall save you some gas.

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