How to Fix Dents from Springtime Storms

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Home Remedies to Repair Vehicle Damage from Hail

Springtime is in full swing, and while this entails nice weather, it could also mean a few storms. Because of this, you could experience hail damage, so we’re going to give you a couple suggestions for home remedies to repair vehicle damage from hail.


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Using Natural Sunlight to get rid of Dents

Some people will tell you that you can use natural sunlight to get rid of small dents from hail. Parking in the sun will heat the metal of the car, causing the metal to expand. As the metal expands, the small dents should pop out. The longer that you expose your vehicle to sunlight, the greater chance the technique will be successful.

Apply Hot Air to the Dents

If you don’t have a sunny spot to park in, or just don’t want to expose your vehicle to prolonged sunlight, you can heat up the metal of your car with a hairdryer. Hold the hair dryer 5 to 7 inches away from the dents for two minute intervals. Don’t touch the hair dryer directly to the surface of the car. Also, be sure to be careful. You don’t want to damage the paint coloring, you only want to remove the dents.

Apply Dry Ice to the Dents

You can use dry ice to fix dents. Take a piece of dry ice and apply it to where the hail damage is. The change is temperature should cause the dents to pop out. However, dry ice can damage your skin, so wear gloves when performing this home remedy. Move the ice around the dented area to rapidly cool the area.

Service Your Vehicle in our Service Department

These are just some suggestions of home remedies that you could try. But we’ve got an even better solution. Come see us! We have a service department full of trained professionals that can repair hail damage in no time. Next time you’re wondering how to repair vehicle damage from springtime storms, just give us a call. We’ll save you time and hassle. You can schedule a service appointment online by clicking here, or give us a call to schedule at (855) 422-6383.

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