Restaurants in South Texas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Harlingen TX

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. Don’t wait to plan this big day with your significant other. There are plenty of things you can do, but first and foremost, you need to have a dinner with your Valentine. Make it one they will never forget with our guide to Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Harlingen, TX.

Rio Grande Valley Restaurants

There are plenty of eating options that you and your girl or guy can take advantage of right here in Harlingen. Whether you want something traditional, local, or out of the ordinary, we have the options that you need to learn about before February 14th. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday for 2017.

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Colletti’s Italian Restaurant

For some reason, Italian food always adds romance to any meal. Whether it’s the authentic smells of Italy, the succulent attention to flavors, or simply the Italian wine, it’s anybody’s guess, but maybe you and your Valentine can find out for yourself at Colletti’s Italian Restaurant. With a wonderful atmosphere and flavor perfect Italian cuisine, this may just be your ideal Valentine’s Day meal!

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Rio Grande Grill

Looking for a real taste of Southern Texas? Then the Rio Grande Grill has what you are looking for with authentic BBQ and Tex-Mex dishes, and a one of a kind atmosphere you can soak in the local community, and experience Texas food the way it was meant to taste. Whether you are gorging yourselves on pulled pork or trying the Mahi Mahi, you’ll both have a fun Valentine’s Day dinner.

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Pho #1

Those restaurants up there are good options for Valentine’s Day, but they are also safe. Do you and your significant other want to venture outside your comfort zone? Want to try some unconventional Valentine’s Day dining? Then you need to head over to Pho #1 Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant. With a unique atmosphere, and food that you have probably never tried before, this won’t just be a Valentine’s Day dinner, it will be a Valentine’s Day experience!


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