When Should I Change My Nissan’s Windshield Wipers?

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Changing Nissan Windshield Wipers

All of the components that make up your Nissan are important, but some of the most important are the windshield wipers. They help provide clear visibility during torrential rains or heavy snow. Although the Rio Grande Valley usually receives little precipitation throughout the year, those wipers can certainly come in handy if you travel to the northern states. So find out when you should change those wipers so you can continue to enjoy a clear view!

How Often Should I Change the Windshield Wipers on My Nissan?

Most sources suggest changing your wiper blades every six months, though it can greatly depend on the climate and amount of usage. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, you might be able to get away with only having to change your Nissan’s wiper blades once a year. The quality of your blades may also be an important factor. Once your blades start to leave your windows streaky or when the rubber on the blade peels away and annoyingly flops around while in use, it is definitely time to switch them out for a new set!


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A Tip to Consider Before Walking into the Auto Parts Store

We will be honest: the hardest part of switching out your Nissan’s wiper blades is actually sparing the 20 minutes to run to the local auto parts store. Most stores will have booklets or computer systems that will tell you what sizes you need for your replacement blades, but you can’t always rely on them for accuracy. Before going to the auto parts store, measure your current wiper blades and record the sizes into your phone or your owner’s manual. That way you will buy the correct sizes the first time and avoid the hassle of exchanging!


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